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May 10, 2024

Investing in North Carolina Land: A Comprehensive Analysis of Opportunities and Risks

As a potential investor, you may be considering various options to diversify your portfolio and secure your financial future. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the reasons why investing in North Carolina land can be a wise decision, as well as some potential risks to consider before making your investment.

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May 3, 2024

Discover Beaverdam Creek: A 193-Acre Outdoor Paradise in Nash County, NC

Beaverdam Creek is a rare find – a sprawling 193-acre property that combines natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and investment potential. With its diverse landscape, convenient location, and ample amenities, this outdoor paradise is the perfect retreat for those seeking privacy, adventure, and a connection to the land.

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May 1, 2024

Uncovering the Magic of Clemmons Educational State Forest: A Must-Visit Destination for NC Families

Clemmons Educational State Forest offers a range of educational programs, including school field trips, adult workshops, and educator-focused environmental programs. Before leaving, visitors should ascend the fire tower to take in the panoramic views of the forest. Embarking on a journey to Clemmons Educational State Forest, visitors become an integral part of the forest’s story.

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April 5, 2024

How Carolina Forestry & Realty Helped Our Client Earn an Extra $100,000 on Their Timber Sale

At Carolina Forestry & Realty, we take pride in our ability to help landowners maximize the value of their timberland. As registered consulting foresters in North Carolina, our primary goal is to guide our clients in making informed decisions about their timber management and sales.

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April 4, 2024

Timber Pricing Guide: 8 Factors That Determine Your Tree’s Worth & Market Value

Are you a landowner looking to sell your standing timber? Understanding the factors that influence timber prices and value is crucial for getting the best return on your investment. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore nine key elements that affect timber pricing and help you determine your tree’s worth per acre.

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March 31, 2024

Thinning Pine Trees and Plantations: When, Why and How

Is your pine plantation too crowded? Thinning your pine stands at the right time is essential for maintaining their health, promoting growth, and maximizing your timber value.

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February 5, 2024

Discover Your Dream Farm: Farms for Sale in North Carolina

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own farm, North Carolina offers a plethora of opportunities with a diverse range of properties available. Whether you’re looking for a large farm, a small homestead, or an unrestricted piece of land to build your own agricultural oasis, North Carolina has something for every aspiring farmer.

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February 5, 2024

Built-to-Rent Housing Revolutionizes North Carolina’s Real Estate Landscape

In recent years, North Carolina has witnessed a remarkable surge in the construction of built-to-rent housing, far surpassing the national average. These innovative single-family homes, offering property management perks and flexibility, have captured the attention of potential buyers who face financial constraints or simply prefer the lifestyle advantages of renting.

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